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In Her Element novelette

In Her Element novelette

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Contemporary Romance, a dash of comedy and a huge plate-full of Adventure on your digital e-reader!

It's 2020, and Erica Samson is done with her cramped San Francisco apartment and her mind-numbing nine-to-fiver crammed with dudebros. After spending months adapting her Honda Element to become her full-time climbing rig, the pandemic hits. Refusing to give up her dream, Erica snags a coveted limited pass when Yosemite opens back up.
Eric Simpson is an ER physician whose life has been nothing but Covid surges and strings of night shifts. With the ER finally fully staffed again, he’s arranged vacation time to get some much-needed fresh air. When he sees the cute climber girl from upstairs packing up her car, he stops to chat, and she tells him he needs an already sold out reservation. In desperation, he offers her money to take him with her. Together, they hit the road, where she refreshes his climbing skills and they find that their friendly neighborly acquaintance could be so much more.

First published in Friends to Lovers Volume One by Violet Gaze Press in 2021.

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