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Your FREE copy of A Lady's Revenge

Your FREE copy of A Lady's Revenge

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Book ONE in the When the Blood Is Up series. Start here!

This digital copy is available as either an epub or a pdf, depending on your device. The download instructions will tell you which one you need for your device. 

Winner of the Golden Leaf Best First Book (2020), and the Next Generation Indie Book Award (2020), and a finalist for the prestigious HOLT Medallion (2020)!

"I recommend this book for readers who enjoy romances with a strong female protagonist." - Historical Novel Society



Lady Lydia Somerset is an earl’s daughter. At the ripe age of twenty-five, she still wears the lavish gowns and dances the dainty steps of the haute ton as if she were pursuing a husband; but her goals are far more personal. Instead, she pursues her tormentors: the men who bet that taking a girl’s virginity--her virginity--really can cure a brothel’s plague. She has her cousins and sister to aid her, but no one can understand what it feels like to be helpless. Pugilism, England’s manliest pastime, is her only relief. Training in secret with a female boxer keeps her sane, but when her instructor is hired away by one of the men she is seeking to destroy, she is in a bind. Her new teacher, a former prizefighter with a ready joke and a quick wit might do more than just correct her technique.

John Arthur is made of money. A street kid who dazzled with his fists, he now impresses as a miracle worker on the London Stock Exchange. But a man can’t forget a boyhood spent in the gutter. Easy-going and affable, John Arthur knows he shouldn’t tangle with bluebloods. He should be happy with a full belly and coin-filled pockets. But when he meets a woman who finds boxing as vital as he does, his life suddenly gets complicated.

Caught between revenge and finding love with a man who might truly understand her, Lady Lydia must commit to opening her heart or closing it forever.

*Winner of the Indie Next Generation Book Award
*Winner of the Golden Leaf Best First Book Award in 2020

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